Work Toward Your Potential

Work toward your potential. Your potential is much higher than you think it is. You have to work to reach your goals. You’re not entitled, you’re not owed anything. Figure out what drives and motivates you, and get obsessed with it. Understand that there is nothing and no one that can keep you away from your dreams and goals, except for yourself.

Make a commitment to success. You will not be successful by winning a lottery ticket, waiting for the economy to make things better, the government wont help you. You have to understand that success is your duty, obligation, and responsibility. Hard work, creativity, and follow through are some of the things it takes to make success.

Quotas are just just made up numbers, potential is something that goes much deeper. Goes into your soul and your actual being. Don’t be lazy, don’t be average, get out of your middle class mindset and work toward your true potential.

For coaching on finances, sales, your potential, check out the Cardone Playbook.  

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