Who is in control of your life?

I’ll go ahead and give you the answer. YOU are in control of your life.

It’s true!

You control your income, you control where you work, you control your attitude, you control your success, you control every aspect of your life. So guess what?


“Do not let what you do not want, into your life.” – Lance Smith

Pay attention to who you let into your circle. Pay attention to who you listen to. Since you chose to let someone negative, or chose to listen to someone who is toxic, you have chosen to jeapordize the life you have been working on.

If you have watched the movie FURY, there’s a phrase that is repeated throughout the movie. “Best job I’ve ever had.” The movie is about a tank crew in WWII who, despite being totally out matched by the Germans (won’t dive into too much history here), continued to fight through the most treacherous battles you could imagine. After just barely escaping death, defeating the enemy, there would be this slight laughter in moment of shock and thankfulness for being alive. “Best job I’ve ever had,” each of them would repeat.

Even in such a horrific situation, one must keep their mindset in a positive state. You are in control of this. The way you feel, your emotional state, is all controlled by you. Today can be the best day, or it can be the worst day. The choice is yours.

It’s a short message today, but it’s a very important message. You are in control of your life, so take control of it.

How to start taking control of your life

1: Make the commitment of taking control.

2: Accept responsibility for everything that happens to you, because it is happening BECAUSE of YOU!

3: Look at your closest friends. Are they building you up? Holding you back? Tearing you down? Detox from toxic people.

4: Start exercising everyday. It’s great for your psychical health, and your mental health. You need to take control of every aspect of your life.

5: Start reading books to help you get ahead.

6: START – as in TODAY! You know what you need to change. I can give you a million suggestions, but if you do not just START, you will never move in the direction you really want to. In the direction of taking control of your life, getting the life you deserve and want.

Success is different for everyone. Figure out what it is to you, and go for that. Make the best of the time you have.

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