What is the 5:1 Method?

Well, it’s a method of content creation that takes out all of the excuses that you have of creating content.

So let’s dive in.

Step 1: You got an idea?

Write it down. This will make it tangible. Then you can begin to expand, and storyboard what you’re going to do in the video.

Step 2: Make a video

You want to state your opinion and you want to give actionable motivation. You do not need fancy equipment, just your phone. Set it up, and press record.

Step 3: Blog

You want to transcribe your video into a blog. This process can take a lot of time, but it is worth it! Why not take your big picture ideas, then transcribe them into a more elaborate blog? You can expand on ideas this way.

Step 4: One minute video

Make your video into a one minute video for social media. Use free software on your computer to do this. 1080×1080 is the resolution you’ll need to create videos formatted for Instagram, and twitter. You can use the standard 1920×1080 for Facebook, and Youtube.

Step 5: Quote Post

Create a quote post based off of pieces of your content. Use Canva, Gimp, or anything other free programs. It’s easy to just create content straight from your phone.

Step 6: Podcast

Turn the video audio into a podcast. You can use programs like GarageBand, or Audible to simply pull the audio from the video, then upload the audio to Anchor.FM to host your podcast.

So there you have it. It’s really simple. Six steps, and you can create content, so you now have no excuses. So all you got to do is press record.

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