Week 2 of 12 Week Content Creation Challenge: Teach Me Something

What is the key piece to communication in your Video, Blog, and Podcast?

I posed this question on my Instagram, and I got some great responses from you.

@Yolandavilla on Instagram said “Provide value and be authentic…be you.” This is VERY VERY true!! If you are not working to provide VALUE by being AUTHENTIC, then why would someone bother even viewing your content? Keep this in the forefront of your intentions when creating any content. You should be yourself. Do not try to mimic some celebrity, guru, influencer, or any one else. Be yourself! That is what your audience really wants. They want you to be real. There’s already too many fake people out on the internet, trying to make it by faking it. Go against that grain, and be yourself.

@Jtran_man on Instagram said “Staying in your lane.” Staying in your lane is important! This ties into being authentic. With whatever it is that you do, you have strengths and weaknesses. Focus on your strengths, and create content around that. If you have financial problems, but you’re trying to teach me how to be financially responsible, you’re probably not going to do such a good job, or provide much value. You’re an expert at something, stay in that lane, and I guarantee you will provide a lot of value.

@Marketingmaestro on Instagram said “Looking directly into the lens.” This was the closest to what I want to teach to you to today. Often times when creating a video, you’re not looking at the camera lens. This is especially true when creating videos with a phone. It’s tempting to just look at yourself, because it’s just more comfortable to do that, because now it feels like you’re actually talking to someone. Whereas, when you look into the camera lens, it can feel like you speaking into a void. Look at the lens, it’ll help make a more personal connection with your viewer.

Making A Personal Connection

How can you make a personal connection in your video, your blog post, or your podcast episode? Be authentic, stay in your lane, look into the camera lens, and more importantly, say “YOU”.

“Wait, what? What do you mean say ‘you’, I have 1000’s of people watching my videos, and live streams?”

No matter how many people may be watching your videos, live streams, reading your posts, listening to your podcast, you need to focus on making a person one-on-one connection. When you say “YOU” instead of “Hey everybody!”, you will make a stronger connection with that audience member. No matter if you’re on live stream, making a video, writing a blog, speaking at a conference, you need to focus on making that one-on-one personal connection.

At any given time it is always just YOU and ME. Make that connection. Speak to ME. There is no “everybody.” It’s a strange concept, I know! I guarantee you that if you start doing this with every piece of content, that the consumer of that content will gain more value, and feel more valued than they would if you were trying to address “everyone.”

I learned this from my mentor Hank Norman. He has a course called Star Power which has two parts, Star Power 1 and Star Power 2. This course is packed with information that he has taught to people like Grant Cardone, Mel Robbins, Steve Harvey, and many many more. He teaches you what he taught them, and I’m sure you’ve heard of at least one of them.


Making a personal connection in your content is just one way to bring immense value to your viewer. You want to feel a connection to what you’re viewing, reading, and listening to. So make a person connection with your audience.

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