Thriving Under Pressure

It’s take a certain personality type to stay calm under pressure, and chaos. Like when the building is burning down, you’re the person who is calm and directing people where to go, making sure people get you. You thrive in those high pressure situations.

The more chaotic the better.

It’s a unique feeling one has, when things start going crazy around you, but you remain calm. It’s like you’re in this happy spot where you’re functioning at 110%. You’re in your element. When things go down everyone else starts looking for that person to guide them with what to do, and where to go.

Being this kind of person takes a lot of responsibility though. You, being the one the others look toward for direction, have to be willing to take on responsibility for anything that may go wrong per your direction. Not many are willing to accept that responsibility.

I don’t know if this type of personality is something that is genetic, or something that can be learned or even taught, but I do know that those who possess it, should embrace it.

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