Three Types of Employees

There are three types of employees.

1: Those who do less than what they’re paid for

2: Those who do only what they’re paid for

3: Those who do more than they’re paid for

Those who do less than what they’re paid for typically complain before they get to work, when they’re at work, and when they’re off work. They don’t want to be there, they don’t like what they’re doing, they think they’re entitled to more than they’re getting. They’re constantly below goal, and pass blame to someone else on why they’re not hitting them. And you think you’re entitled? Guess what? You’re not entitled to anything!

Then there are those who do only what they’re paid for. They show up on time, they leave on time, they hit the bare minimum on goals. You can’t really count them off for anything, but you they don’t deserve praise either. Some of these people are looking for that praise. That pat on the back. Atta boys. Why? Because you showed up on time? Because you sold a few products? That’s what you’re being paid to do! You don’t deserve some congratulations, for doing the job you were hired to do. This is the real world. Not everyone gets a trophy for showing up.

The last group, the few and far in between, are those who do more than they’re paid to do. They find problems they’re not being paid to fix, and fix them. They take responsibility and go beyond what is expected. They show up earlier, and stay later. They never complain. They have made themselves valuable assets within the company. They are never satisfied and always pushing themselves further. They take care of themselves, and never ask for praise. They do the job, because they know what needs to be done, and then some. They innately build up others around them.

Let me ask you, out of those three types of employees, who do you want on your team? As an employee, which type are you? Now that you know the three types, which type will you now become?

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