This is my fault

Take responsibility for everything in your life.

Your money.

Your career.

Your business.

Your happiness.

Your family.


If you want to gain control of a situation, the best way to do it is by taking responsibility. Leaders are in that position, because they took on the responsibility of the team. CEO’s are in their position, because they took the responsibility of the entire company.

Where It Began For Me

Early 2016, I’m still pretty fresh in my new job in a contact center for a local bank, I had an eye opening experience. I began to notice multiple accounts for elderly people, getting Social Security deposits of approximately $720 a month. Yes, you read that correctly. A. MONTH.

A couple of months earlier they had announced a new direction for the company, becoming more of a sales culture and various other changes to the digital world. I already at that point realized that I needed to geta head start on this new sales culture, and needed to train myself. The company has SOME sales training, but not enough to keep one focused daily on it.

These were the two instances that really helped shift me to where I am currently. I saw myself lacking proper sales skills, and saw myself heading toward getting Social Security deposits when I retired one day. If I could even afford to retire.

In all my previous jobs, I felt I’ve always been pretty responsible. I was always offered responsibility to train new hires, do various projects, and trusted to do other things that other associates were not. This new type of responsibility is something much bigger. It’s my future. This is something I want you to really think about as well, we’re not promised tomorrow, but if tomorrow comes are you prepared?

My Search Begins

I had to start getting my mindset corrected, I began to look for at all sorts of various sales training and finance training. I reached out to a friend of mine who suggested a few books, I only read one of them, being “Influence: Science and Practice” by Robert B. Cialdini, Ph.D. It’s an interesting book that I went through a few times, but it was not really was I was looking for as far as sales go.

I found a sales person named Tom Hopkins, which I found to be very interesting. I watched a video of his on YouTube called “How to master the art of selling anything”.

This was getting closer to what I was looking for. Some actual sales training information, but I still wanted something more. I needed something more in depth. Then one day while searching sales people like Brian Tracy, and Zig Ziglar, then looking through a lot of book reviews on books that Tom Hopkins wrote, and also a book called The Little Red Book of selling, I finally came across someone who had the materials I was really searching for.

Grant Cardone

I don’t remember exactly how I came across Grant, but I remember just diving into his YouTube channel and I knew I found the sales guru I was looking for. His information, his approach, his knowledge, everything, was what I was looking for.

The first book I bought of his was The Closers Survival Guide. I remember diving into that taking so much information on the psychology and technique of the close, that I needed more. I then got the audio version ofthe 10X Rule. I listened to it back to back, absorbing as much information as I could. I ended up getting, Sell or Be sold, and If You’re Not First You’re last, again just diving into them each. Listening to them back to back, taking in all the information.

As Grant says, “Success is my Duty, Obligation, and Responsibility.” I was doing everything I could to start taking responsibility for my future success, and to not end up on Social Security one day.

Since then, I own every book of his, I have all of the webinars, and his training platform CardoneU. I wasn’t just sipping the Kool-Aid, I am swimming in it! I found someone who has ALL of the information I was looking for, Sales Training, finance training, and even some real estate investment training. His sales style is very honest, straight forward, “Here’s the product, here’s the price, this is how it benefits you, Yay or Nay? If its Yay Lets roll! If it’s Nay, tell me why?” There’s not NLP (neuro linguistic programming) to trick a person into buying, and there’s no other tricky sales techniques. It’s just very straight forward and honest sales.

Stop relying on others for your success

This one is simple. When you rely on the government, your parents, friends or anyone for your success, you will fail. This is where we people who complain are born. They were relying on someone to make sure they were taken care of, rather than putting in the work and effort to take care of themselves. So many fall for that trap. Some do not know any different, because they were raised a certain way, weren’t exposed to any other route, did not want to get out of the comfort of what they know. They lived in fear, and stayed on the path of where they always have been traveling.

They say “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it.” That is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. Just because something is not broken, does not mean that it does not needing fixing. Something can always be fixed to work more efficiently, more effectively, and give a better return on results. Just because I live in the middle class right now, and it’s comfortable, does not mean I will stay in it. You need to do whatever it takes to get the things you really want in life. Do not rely on anyone else to make things happen, go out and make them happen yourself.

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