The Power of Words

I had a customer one day, that I was actually unable to complete a certain request, due to some security protocols in place. She became very frustrated and at one point said “So you’re useless.”  That really struck a nerve at first. Useless? There were few choice words running through my mind that I wanted to say in response, but there is no gain in doing that.

Everyone who works with people, should know that when people get upset and say harsh words toward you, they’re really upset more at the situation and themselves. So just keep your cool. Smile.

After this situation, it really got me thinking about how powerful words really are. That one word, directed toward me in anger, riled up a strong emotion in me at first. One thing I promote is positivity, and encouragement to people to go do incredible works. If you have a passion for something, or this great idea, I say GO FOR IT!!!

There are people out there though that want you to quit and give up. They tell you things like,  “You’re not good enough. You’re not strong enough. You’re not smart enough.  You’re too little. You’re too weak. You’re no good. You’re defective. You’re better off giving up.”

How would you react if someone said that to you?

Here’s the truth

You have two options of response:

  1. You can either believe what they’re saying is true about you and retreat back to a life of never trying, and a life of giving up on your dreams.

  2. Or you can rise above it with an understanding, that they’re really just upset at themselves and their situation. They’re quitters. They’re complainers. They listened to the poison that someone else implanted in them instead of sucking that poison out and shooting up some antivenom. They want other people to quit to make sense of why they quit.

How you handle negativity is really up to you. Use it as fuel to drive you.

“You can’t live your life based on other peoples point of view” – Gary Vaynerchuck
“I like pessimists! They’re a good remind of what happens when you do nothing!” – Victor Antonio

Words & Marketing

Words are powerful tools in marketing. I’m educating myself on this everyday. I have the privileged to know a great marketer from the UK, Tim Coe, and he wrote a great article called “9 things to never say in your marketing”. He makes very effective points about 9 common things that so many companies say, that are not really effective.

For example, if you say “We are the cheapest,” what is that really saying about your company and your products? Does it give the imagery that your company is supplying highly valued products? Or are you simply shoveling out low quality rubbish?

If you want to know more about this, pick up Tim’s book “Utterly Seductive Proposal” at

Whether you’re a business owner, a Managing Director, a marketing mogul, an entrepreneur or sales person… ‘your UTTERLY SEDUCTIVE PROPOSAL’ [USP] is the guide to crushing your competitors. – Tim Coe

Words & People

Words are powerful. They can stir emotion, create imagery, give direction, add value; so it’s important we use them wisely.

Use words and actions to lift people up, not tear them down.

Motivate people to do great things, not to quit on their dreams.

Educate people to help increase the quality of their lives.

“If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all” – Thumper from movie Bambi (yeah, I’m probably the only person you’ll ever know to reference a quote from the Bambi movie)

WORDS. Use them. For emboldening. Not for nefariousness.

Tip: Utilize a thesaurus

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