The moment I realized I had no direction for my brand…

At 1:00pm on March 31st, 2017, I realized I had no direction for my personal brand. This is the story of how I came to this realization, and what I’m doing to fix it.

Conversation Via Twitter:

@hanknorman “Sum up ur brand in one actionable statement.”

My Reply: @go10xorgohome “Break the mold of the millennial mindset”

@hanknorman “Cool. But. How?”

@go10xorgohome “I just thought about that after I sent it. Now I’ve got homework to do. I’ve been slowly building my brand for a few months now

@hanknorman “pick. right now. what is One Thing you teach millennia’s to help them break through?”

@go10xorgohome “Take Action.”

@hanknorman “yup. What ONE Exact Action. Just answer. don’t think”

@go10xorgohome “Create content around things you love”

@hanknorman “great. what’s the ONE Best Content they should produce?”

@go10xorgohome “that one has me stumped”

@go10xorgohome “For me I do more blogs, but I see a lot of value in video.”

@hanknorman “how does blogging about what I love cause me to have a breakthrough. what breakthrough will I have?”

@go10xorgohome “You become more self aware of your strengths and weaknesses because you are sharing who are you. Exposing yourself”

To be continued…

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