The Importance of Training & the 5k Color Run

I just got back from a 5K fun run called The Color Run. FUN. RUN. I almost died. I wake up at 5am each day, go to the gym and do 2 mile interval run, where I run every other 1/4 mile for 2 miles total. I learned two very important rules today, that really didn’t have anything to do with running directly. But had everything to do with life, and success.

Rule 1: TRAIN 10X STYLE!

That’s right, Grant Cardone was correct, you have to shoot for 10x in everything you do. 10x means that you take 10 times the amount of action you think it will take to accomplish a goal or meet a target, and creating the mindset to dream and believe you can reach levels of success previously unimaginable. Grant Cardone wrote an amazing book over this very subject in The 10X Rule.

Which would you rather fall short on: Running 30 miles, or 3.11 miles (5K)? I fell short of running the full 5K. I pushed as much as I could, but I got to a point where my legs gave out and I had to walk for the last bit. I’m not sure how far I got into it before that happened, but I would guess about 3/4 of the way. I failed short, because I did not train at levels great enough that I was conditioned to run the 5K all the way.

In short, if you train to run a 10k, you will do better off when running a 5k. The same scenario can hold true in any business or profession. If you wan at to get ahead, want to dominate your sector, want to grow, want to be successful, you have to train at 10x levels so that you can be prepared for anything that comes your way.

I finished out strong, ran the last push to the finish along side two strangers. Another important lesson here:


If you have people around you that are discouraging you, or being negative, or making excuses, then you will never be able to give the big push to the end of the race. You would of quit before you got started.

If you can surround yourself with like minded people who encourage you to go all out, to push harder, to do more, to be obsessed, then you will be able to succeed. You need those people around you that motivate you, and push you further than you thought you could go.

Overall the 5K Color Run was fun, and I suggest you go to one if one comes to your home town. Plus, I realized a very big lesson, how important training really is.

Even though this was a short 5K, life will hand you marathons, and you have to be prepared to run it all the way!

If you would like to learn more about the concept of The 10X Rule, invest in Grant Cardones book The 10X Rule.

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