Service Mindset

“Service is senior to selling. Attitude is senior to everything.” –Grant Cardone


The first step in the sales process is attitude. You don’t have to feel good, to have and project a great attitude. If you arrive at work with an attitude of “I don’t want to be here,” “I’d rather be sleeping,” “I hate this job,” “I don’t want to deal with customers today,” or any other negative thoughts, you’re going to be of a disservice to the company, yourself and to the customers. Attitude is something you’re in control of. Take responsibility for it, work on it every day.

Positive words/phrases to use:



I’d be happy to!

Consider it done!

I’ll take care of this!

I’ll make it happen!

You’re right!

Refrain from saying:

I don’t know

Not sure

I can’t do that

If you’re unsure of something, instead of saying “I don’t know,” say “that’s a great question, I’ll find the answer,” “I’m unfamiliar with that, but I’ll find out or I’ll find someone who knows.” This will show the customer your willingness to service them, to get the job done. It’s important that you speak in a positive and energetic tone. Lethargy will not get the customer sold on the service you’re providing.

People with great attitudes:


See problems as opportunities

Talk positive

Read Books

Train constantly

Focus on the solution and not the problem

Don’t complain

Focus on their potential, and not what they’ve already accomplished

Seek new challenges

Motivate others

Goal focused

Get your mind right, and be great! 

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