Sales is Service

Sales is about service. It’s not about slamming someone with products, trying to force them to buy. You have to find out what their problem is, so that you can then present them with a solution.

If you’re talking with a prospect, who has never purchased from you before, probably doesn’t even know who you are, do you think laying on high pressure tactics is going to close a deal? No. It’s not. If I were to ask you if you enjoyed sales, you would probably tell me you hate sales. The truth is, sales is every conversation you have, and the commission is whatever outcome you’re looking for.

If every conversation were high pressure, intense, it’s all about your way and no one else’s way, you would not be having very many conversations. People would avoid you. If you can bring value by giving, and giving, and giving, when it comes time to ask you’ve got a lot better chance than you would have ever before. Get creative. What products, or services do you have that could build value today, to help you land a sale tomorrow? You won’t be able to close everyone on one call, with one conversation.

Sales isn’t about high levels of pressure, it’s about high levels of service. – Lance Smith
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