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So you have a message you’re trying to get out to your audience, a great piece of value for them. As you know, you’re audience does not all consume information the same way. Not everyone wants to watch a video, not everyone wants to read a blog, not everyone wants to listen to a podcast.

So, what do you do?

You re-purpose your content to reach everybody in the way they want to consume the information .

Step 1: VIDEO

First I created a long form video, it was about 3min 12 seconds, giving information on how to re-purpose content. When I finish editing it, it will go on YouTube, as well as be chopped up in smaller bites, 60 seconds, for Instagram posts.

I also put the entire video into 15 second segments on Instagram stories. Below, you will an example of one 15 second segment that went on my Instagram stories.

I also saved the entire series to my Instagram page, which now have the ability to save what are called “Highlights.” Which act like a picture album. This way people can come back and re-watch it.

Step 2: AUDIO

I then took the audio from the long form video, did some editing to it to make it as clean as possible, and uploaded it as a podcast.

I uploaded it to soundcloud, and for people who prefer listening to podcast.

A really awesome new thing that you should be looking into, is Amazon Alexa skills. There is a skill called “Flash Briefing” which allows you to upload short clips of audio, or video, to a Daily Flash Briefing.

You wake up in the morning and say “Alexa, play my flash briefing” and it will play your audio, and videos that you’re subscribed to. After that, it will tell you the weather today, and any of the 100’s of different types of briefings you can enable.

As of 12/25/2017, I do not have a flash briefing set up yet. As soon as I do, you will know!

Step 3: BLOG

Now that you have the audio, you can transcribe that into a blog. Which you are reading right now. I don’t stay 100% true to what I said in the video, because I can now expand on things that I did not in the video.

There are a lot of different places you can put your blogs. You can use free resources like WordPress, Medium, LinkedIn, Facebook blog, you could even do mini blogs on Instagram posts.

You do not need to spend money on your own personal website. Later down the road, you may choose to have your own site, and that is fine.


Go through your content and pick out the gold, and make that into picture quotes for Instagram and Twitter.

The biggest thing you need to understand, is this:

“Do not get hung up on the content, focus on the context.”

You do not need fancy video, audio, editing equipment.

“If you are waiting to start creating, because you think you don’t have good enough equipment, you’ve already lost.”

Film from your phone. Do voice from your phone. Blog from your phone. If you want to step up your podcast game, get a USB microphone. If you need some help with starting a blog, email me here, and I will help you get the right equipment for your budget. Seriously though, you don’t need anything fancy to get started.

Anchor.FM allows you to record straight to the application. Gary Vaynerchuk talks about, and says he is keeping his eye on it. If you know anything about Gary Vee, he is very in tune with things and the way culture moves. I’ve started using it, and I can say it makes putting out small clips very easy. I will be posting more content there.

When I was recording the video, I was using my iPhone 6+, and using my computer screen to add lighting. I put the screen on just a white background, and turned the brightness up. I had my phone propped up on a music stand, which you can get an actual phone stand fairly inexpensively so you don’t have to hold your phone while recording.

Contact Me

If you have questions about getting started, or need help creating content like graphics, or editing your podcasts so they sound the very best they can, let me know. Just contact me.



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