People Before Money

“Focus more on people and you’ll get rich, focus more on money you go broke.” – Anthony Powell, network marketing mogul.

I came across that quote yesterday when watching Moguls on, and I couldn’t agree more. We are not in the banking financial business, we are in the people business. When we focus on service the people, giving the greatest customer service, give the best solutions, being the quickest to resolve problems, we will become rich. Rich does not mean just monetary, it goes above that. Yes, the money will follow, but there has to be a higher purpose than money. The higher purpose is servicing people with the highest quality customer service possible.

What does servicing the customer look like

Servicing the customer can be simply answering questions with accuracy and efficiency, it can be providing information above and beyond that would build value, it could be offering solutions to problems, and it is simply putting the customer first in your concern.

 “Sales” – the bad “S” word

Nobody likes the word “Sales”, or “Selling”, “salesperson”, ect… It sadly has a negative connotation. In reality its not a bad thing. We are all salespeople, we sell people on our ideas, opinions, beliefs, on products, every single day. Any time you try to convince someone of something, or to get them on your side, you are selling. Selling is not a bad thing, its not a bad word, it’s an honorable profession. There are those few people who have tainted the name of Sales. There are those who ruin the image of every profession, whether it’s the Police, Government, Banking, Stock Market, military, religions, ect…

The important piece to remember about sales, is that “Service is Senior to Selling.”

When we offer products, we are offering solutions, adding value, and we are servicing the customer.

I want you all to be great, please reach out to me if I can help you in any way.  

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