Overcome Burnout

What is burnout? Is burnout real? How do you handle burnout? These are all great questions. Lets first take a look at what burnout feels like, to better identify it.

1. Exhaustion/Fatigue – Feeling mentally, physically and even spiritually drained. Exhaustion can be mental, physical, emotional. That feeling that you’re out of fuel, or just barely running on fumes.

2. Lack of Motivation – Hitting the snooze button multiple times because you just want to sleep in those extra few minutes, and just barely making it to work. Then when you’re there you wish you were back at home in bed, just sleeping the day away.

3. Frustration, or any Negative emotions – You may feel like you’re running up against a wall, and you cannot go anywhere. No matter what you do it doesn’t make a difference. You are cynical about everything, start blaming others for things that happen to you, and getting frustrated at just the little things. Those little annoying things that never really bothered you so much before, but now set you off very quickly.

4. Fell like Giving Up – You’re ready to just throw in the towel, to quit, move on, go somewhere else, do something else, forgetting all of your dreams and aspirations. You think giving up will make things better, or easier.

The truth is, burnout is not a real thing. “If it’s not real, then how do I handle it?”

Handling “burnout”

  1. Refuel by gaining new knowledge. You should always be reading, learning, expanding your knowledge. The moment you stop learning, is when you become ignorant. Pick up a book and read! Read books on subjects you just don’t know a lot about, like economics, politics, law, ect… Try to read books that relate to your purpose, and every aspect of your purpose. This way you become a master in your field.

  2. Become obsessed with your purpose. There is a reason you do what you do. Sit down and write out what your purpose is, and focus on that. If you don’t know what your purpose is, then figure it out. What do you want to accomplish? Financial solvency? Top position in your company? Own your own business? Travel for work? Helping people? Having a family?

  3. Start taking care of yourself mentally, and physically. Read new books, learn something new, teach these things to someone. There’s really no better way to get better at something, than to teach it to someone else. It forces you to become a master at that thing. You may want to also check what you’re eating daily. It’s important to take care of your physical health by eating healthy, and exercising.

  4. Surround yourself with like minded people. People who are striving for greatness, to exceed their potential, who are success focused. Find someone to be your mentor that you cannot outgrow. Go to conferences, or become part of a mastermind group to connect with people.

A great book about getting obsessed with your purpose, goals, finances, career, is Grant Cardone’s new best seller Be Obsessed or Be Average. Grant goes through 13 chapters on getting and staying obsessed with your goals, life, career, business. This book will help you refuel and get back on your purpose.

Check out Be Obsessed or Be Average here: BOBA

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