My “WAKE UP” moment

💯 Have you had your “WAKE UP” moment yet? If not, it’s time.

🎙 Here’s my “wake up” moment. ➡️ When you work in a bank, you see a lot of people’s financial accounts. The majority are very depressing to see. My “wake up” moment happened very early in 2016. I started here September of 2015, and a few months in I started coming to the realization that the majority of my customers who were retired were living on $733 of social security. That’s a month. Only one month… that’s all they live on. That’s all they had. You can barely pay rent, buy food, or do anything with that each month. That’s what was happening. Many were counting every penny they had. ➡️ I realized I was heading down a path that would lead to that life… that was when I had my “WAKE UP” moment. So I began to focus on learning as much as I can from people like Grant Cardone, Robert Kiyosaki, Gary Vaynerchuk and others. People who were speaking truth about business, finances, sales , education, investing, like no one else ever has talked about. Since then I’ve been working to change things mentally, and financially. I’ve realized my purpose to help others get motivated, get inspired, and have their “Wake Up” moment to start taking action to do the things they love and work towards a better life.

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