My greatest takeaway from 10X Growth Con

For anyone who does not know what the 10X Growth Con is, I apologize for that and take full and total responsibility. This was a conference held March 17-19th at the Diplomat Resort in Hollywood, FL. Hosted by Grant Cardone, who put together 24 speakers, including himself, covering topics like Sales, Marketing, Business and Life. The room itself was larger than a football field, packed with 2000+ attendees. The event was way oversold. It was so oversold they had to make adjustments to the way the stage was being designed, moving it back so that the room could fit everyone.

This 3 day even was the absolute greatest event one could ever ask for. Every speaker brought immense value. I took so many notes, that I have a lot of material to work through and a lot of stuff to work on. I also invested in the Lifetime keynote video series, this way I could go back through the video and pick up all the details I missed. Trust me, with the amount of information that was spilled out by each speaker, I was not able to get everything written down. It’s a well worth investment, since I can revisit the the materials whenever I want to now.

For this article, I don’t want to cover what each speaker talked about. That will be provided later. I want to share something profound that happened. Something that validates why I put so much time and effort into creating content like this, or on Instagram.

Shall we get started?

So around December 25, 2016 I hosted a contest on my Instagram, giving away a copy of Grant Cardone’s Millionaire Booklet. They had to post a comment of how the booklet would help the, and how they would use the booklet to help others. Then I would choose one person. I found two people who had really great responses of how they would help others, so I decided to not just give one copy out, but give out two copies.

One person was from Thailand, so I mailed the booklet to her relative in California, who would then forward with other mail to her in Thailand. The other person lived in the US, so I mailed it directly to him. I got a response from him that he received it, and we keep in contact which is awesome. The other person, I really didn’t hear much from.

Since then I have been networking with a lot of people through social media. So while at the conference, I made it a priority to meet these people in person. This was really cool, getting to meet these people who you only have contact with online. It’s interesting getting to speak to them, and have actual conversations.

The Validation

It was the 2nd day of the conference, and I was walking around seeing if I recognized anyone. This person walks up to me, and says “I don’t know if you remember me…” She looks familiar, but I just cannot picture where I know her from. She says “You’re Lance Smith right? You gave me this Millionaire Booklet from Instagram.” This is the girl from Thailand. She flew all the way out to 10X Growth Con in Hollywood, FL. I was in shock at first.

I was shocked and excited, and gave her an awkward handshake telling her I do remember her. I’m still in a little shock, and really excited that I got to meet this individual in person. She said to me “Thank you so much for giving me this book!” She had it with her. It was AMAZING! She was genuinely thankful about getting this book from me about 3 months ago.

This single moment validated everything that I do. Validated all the time I spend networking with people, trying to spread motivation, positivity, and inspiration. I always said “if I can help just one person, it would all be worth it.” Here I know I absolutely helped at least one person. It still puts a smile on my face and inspires me to keep on, to keep creating, to keep giving value and content to people.

Out of everything that happened at the conference, out of all the speakers, all the value, all the content, this single moment stands above them all. I realized that what I have done, actually impacted someone’s life.

I was humbled by the thanks I was given. Helping others is the whole reason for why I do what I do.

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