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It’s important to plan your day out, and write your goals down daily to stay focused on them. That is where the 10x Planner comes in handy. This is part planner, part journal. It is a 60 day planner, because they say it takes 60 days to change a habit. One habit we all need to change is our average thinking, our small goal setting, and mentally lacking productivity. This is the perfect planner for anyone wanting to start getting on track with success, productivity, and wanting to see results.

Below I’m going to show you an example of a typical day for me, and how the 10x Planner helps me stay organized and focused.

Daily Schedule

4am wake up

430am gym

5m shower then breakfast

515ish am CardoneU for sales training, and daily motivation

7am arrive at work

Between 725am – 425pm my task’s tend to vary. I may be training new hires, taking calls, working on sales motivation or training for employees. It just depends on what is needed that day

425pm back home, eat dinner.

445pm Work on website, Social Media, follow up leads

530pm Practice Guitar, write some music, just have fun creating

615pm Social Media networking, Work on Website/marketing/design work

745pm Take time to relax and Read a book

830pm shower and wind down

9pm Bed


It’s important to write down your tasks in hourly blocks to increase productivity. You also want to write out your goals, to make sure you have focus each day on the goals you are trying to achieve. Wit this planner you want to write your goals out as if you have accomplished them. Example: “I have a Million dollars” “I am invested in 5 real estate deals, each bringing 12% profit”, by writing your goals like this it will force you to begin thinking differently. It will get you thinking about how you’re going to accomplish it, and that you have to do whatever it takes to accomplish it. Remember, when you set goals, you are underestimating your full potential. Set massive, insane goals, and do whatever it takes to achieve them!

You can get a 4 pack bundle here: 10x4Pack

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