Marketing Tip

Would you rather have 10,000 followers, with and average 2-3 comments per post, that are probably just spam, or would you rather have 2,000 followers, with 5-10 average comments from people who add value, and regularly engage? Honestly, we would all rather have both. The follower count and engagement.

We want people to follow our brands, be engaging, and maybe even purchase our products or services. More often than not, we get hung up on the numbers. You constantly look the follower count every day, hoping it goes up, like that solves any problems. If you have 8,000 followers who don’t engage, probably are not real, don’t comment, and don’t purchase, then are they even really truly followers?

What can you do?

1: Be more engaged with your audience first. Don’t expect other people to be engaged if you’re not 2: Stop worrying about the numbers. The follower count doesn’t mean anything If they’re not truly following, engaging, and if you’re really good enough, buying.

Be engaged with you audience. Listen, watch, respond.

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