Make the most of your 10X Growth Con Experience


First and foremost, this is a networking event. Get out of your comfort zone, and start talking with people. Exchange emails, phone numbers, connect on social media, start building those relationships.

I connected with so many people at the first 10X Growth Con, it was amazing. I got to meet several people I was already connected with. This is a great opportunity to get valuable connections, build deep relationships, and grow your social media.


BACK UP YOUR PHOTOS TO DROPBOX OR SOME OTHER CLOUD SERVICE! I accidentally erased all of my photos from the 2017 Growth Con, so all I have left are the few on Instagram.

Take a lot of photos, this will help with social content, memories, and when you take photos with other people, tag them in the picture. It will help you get reconnected with them after the conference.


There will be so many FIRE statements, and tips, and advise that you will want to keep them forever. Here’s the thing though, you cannot write everything down, so just take the big key points, so you can focus on the material. You can always go back and watch the replay if you purchased the recording.

This is key, take notes only on the big points, and then watch the conference in a week or so, so you can take deeper notes.



Seriously, during the event, everything is on Sale!! 20, 30, 40, 50, 90% off! Grant puts everything on sale, to take advantage of the attention he has during the conference. This is the time to buy, because after the conference he will raise the prices. Why does he do this? If you pay attention to when he lowers and raises his prices, you will see that he lowers them to drive traffic, then raises them a week later to capture high margins. When he says he is going to raise the price, he means it. I’ve been paying attention to this little detail in his store for the past 2 years. Now is the time to buy!


You will be on a euphoric high while enjoying the 10X Growth Con, so set big goals, map out how you’re going to achieve them, use the data you learn to achieve them! DO NOT LOWER YOUR GOALS!

So many people have that mountain top experience, that they then burn out after a couple months. You need to keep your goals high, get those you connected with to hold you accountable for them, use each others strengths to help with your weaknesses, and grow together.

Order the recording!

Seriously! You will want to go back and re-watch everything, and take deeper notes!

What do you have to take away from the conference / what did you take away from the conference?

Let me know!!!

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