Killing Comfort

Stacy A. Cross is the creator of The Comfort Killers. You’re asking yourself right now, “Who are the Comfort Killers?” Check the video below…then read on.

Who is Stacy?

Is Stacy little intense? For some maybe. Such as the average, the lazy, the complainers. Stacy, there is no “E” in her name, has some of the greatest energy you will ever come to face with. You can feel that she has greatness inside, and she freely shares that out into the world through her company The Comfort Killers. She promotes positive life styles, personal development, daily motivation, inspiration, real world education, and what does she charge? Time. That’s all. Just a little bit of your time to sit and watch a video, read a blog, and what does she ask of you? To get uncomfortable. That is all.

Everything that is great, is just outside your comfort zone.

How do I know Stacy?

I first discovered Stacy on Grant Cardone TV, and from the first video I watched I knew I needed to start networking with her. We got connected on Twitter, started communicating, she saw this blog I wrote and asked me to contribute to her site. You can see that blog HERE.

I was humbled that she wanted to host my blog on her site. Then the next crazy thing happened, she asked me to be in her documentary of the 10X Growth Conference that Grant Cardone put on. Watch Stacy’s documentary here: 10x Growth Con Documentary.   How cool is that? Another totally humbling moment.

To the point already!

The only way you get to have a one on one with a guy like Grant Cardone, or meet someone like Stacy Cross, is to get uncomfortable. “To do the opposite of what you were doing” -Stacy Cross.

Getting out of your comfort zone has a mix of emotions that go along with it. There are 4 stages of getting uncomfortable

  1. You start freaking out, and feel that uneasiness in your gut,  before you even step up to the plate to make the decision to get uncomfortable.

  2. You’re now right in front of the decision, about to make it happen. Things get even more uncomfortable, but you really haven’t done anything yet. That knot in your gut start tightening up.

  3. You finally step into the uncomfortable zone, take actions, and start making things happen. Now you’re really uncomfortable. That knot jabs at every nerve inside of you, and you have to force it back.

  4. You then get a smile on your face, realizing that it was the best decision you could have made. That knot in your stomach? Wasn’t a knot. It was your fist holding your stomach, trying to hold yourself back. You realized that when you got into the uncomfortable zone, you needed both hands, and that knot went away and you didn’t even realize it. Congratulations, Comfort Killer.

Stepping out of your comfort zone brings out the best qualities within you. You go into “survival” mode. You don’t know what’s about to happen. Do you win? Do you lose? Does nothing happen at all? Does a random pirate ninja jump out and karate chop your leg off? The only way to find out is to jump in there and roll with the punches.

Going Forward

If you’re not already following Stacy A. Cross on every social media platform, I encourage you to do so. In fact, go to the Comfort Killers website and you will see every social media site you can follow her on.

Stacy and I will be working more together in the future. I guarantee that.

Final Thought

Be great. Do something incredible with your life. Build a legacy. Stay uncomfortable.

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