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Today’s episode is little unique. I am recording it with different equipment than I usually do. Today I’m using a basic USB microphone with an added pop filter, and Audacity software which is free. I want to demonstrate that you do not need $1000’s worth of equipment and software to start producing a podcast.

Yes, the expensive and fancy equipment looks nice and professional, but the truth is, the equipment does not make a difference in the true “quality” of your content. YOU are the differentiator. YOU are what brings value to the content.

The mic I’m using today is not the one that I suggest for starting up. I suggest getting the BLUE YETI mic, mostly because of the versatility it offers in a USB mic. You can check this mic out at,and I also have a new guide to help Start Your Podcast. It contains all of the basic information I wish I had when first starting.

So what can you do to get started? After you purchase theBlue Yeti Microphone from, get the Audacity programdownloaded from, and make sure you’re signed up on Achnor.FMas your podcast host.

You now have everything you need for your podcast for under$200, and really, all you paid for was the microphone.

If you want to get started but cannot get the microphone yet, you could also use the mic on your computer and record directly into Audacity.That is also another option to simply get started. You could just record directly into the Anchor.Fm application too!

There a really several options here, so there really are no excuses you could make. If you really want to get started, then rewind this and listen to each option again.

So you’ve now made the decision to do your podcast, and you want to record for you episode. What do you talk about? This is your chance to finally articulate the message you want to get out into the world.

Sometimes it’s best to write out what you want to say at first. You’re going to make mistakes. It’s not going to sound perfect. Foregrounding to be nervous. It is going to be weird listening to your own voice when you play it back. It’s very important here that you do not delete what rerecorded! It will be tempting to just delete it and try to record it another1000 times to get it to sound just right.

DO NOT DO THIS! Just take it as it is, and post it! In a year from now, you will go back and listen to it and realize that you’ve come so far! That you sound more confident, that you can speak more clearly, you’re not stumbling over words. This will all happening in the beginning and that’s ok. You have to start somewhere.

Talk about what you know. When you talk about what you know,you will speak with more authority and more confidence automatically. Don’t tryto talk about something just because it’s popular. Talk about what you really want to get out into the world, and make sure you know what you’re talking about.

So there you go! The tools you need to get started! Go to pick up either the Starting your Podcast guide, or theBlue Yeti and Guide to get started today! Thank you so much for tuning in! I really appreciate the support! Let me know if I can help you in any way, just email me at

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