Ignore Those That Tell You To Do Less

“The only people who tell you do less, are either greatly confused, given up, or your enemy” – Grant Cardone

Draw a line in the sand

Those who have settled, are quitters. You are a product of your environment, and you need to control it, or someone else will. The naysayers, the quitters, the settlers, the average, they have all given up on their dreams and goals. They did not have what it took to reach their goals. Or maybe they did have what it takes, but refused to do anything. These kind of people will only hold you back, and pull you down. You have to get everyone around you on the same page. Surround yourself with greatness. Get mentors around you that exceed your success, so that you can learn from them and they can help drive you to that next level of success you desire.

Negativity is like poison. You let it get inside you, it will make you sick, it will make you ill, it can kill your dreams. These people who tell you to slow down, to ease up, take a break, you need a vacation, don’t work too hard; they have given up on their dreams. They tell others to do these things, to make sense of their lack of hustle and persistence.

How to Handle It

  1. You talk with these people and get them on the same page as you.

  2. You get them out of your life. Seems harsh, I know, but if you are trying to reach your goals and dreams, the people you surround yourself with need to be supportive and encouraging.

  3. You could ignore those who tell you do less. Let them keep talking, and trying to push their negativity. But you have your mastermind group of successful people around you to block it out.

Daily routine

You need to take care of your environment. That means going to the gym to take care of your body, reading and listening to books or training material to take care of your mind, and write down your goals to stay focused on what you are after.

Book suggestion

Be Obsessed or Be Average by Grant Cardone

This book is going to teach you why, and how to get obsessed with your goals, dreams, and purpose. You need to read something daily, read as many books as you can. The most successful people in the world read several books a year. If you don’t know what to read first, this is a great place to start. Or if you already have Grant Cardones other books, get this one as well! I guarantee you will find your purpose, motivation, success, and million dollar knowledge in this book!

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