How To Promote your Podcast

Stacy A. Cross from, and, helps me deliver the BEST ways to promote your podcast! These creative ways will help you grow your audience, and get you message out to more people! You do NOT want to skip over a single second of this episode!

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Before we begin…

If you have a podcast already, or just starting one, the question you have is probably “how do I get more listeners?”

The way you do that, is by cross pollinating your content. Iwant to give 4 easy ways that you can start doing that today.

Before I do, I want you to make sure you listened to the previous episode titled “KNOWLEDGE IS NOT POWER” because that sets up the foundation for these next few episodes, and probably all episodes going forward. So if you have not listened to it, put this one on pause, and just scroll down an listen,it’s about 6 minutes long. If you have already listened it to, then let’s dive right now.


Here are a few ways that you can promote your podcast.

1: Video yourself recording the podcast. This way you can reach those people who like to watch on YouTube, or IGTV, and Facebook. Then you can take that and make it into a shorter 1 minute clip to give highlights that capture your audience, and you can promote the video right on Instagram. Make sure you get very specific with who you’re targeting. This will take some money, and time, to get it right, but is very effective.

2: You could always transcribe it into text for those who like to read instead, and post the video on their as well, so they could listen along, and have back links to get them to your podcast so they can subscribe. Maybe you have a better following on your blog right now, but want to start expanding that current audience out to your other content.

3: Get creative with what else is available inside the social platforms. For instance, Instagram and facebook has a stories mode.These are great ways to promote the video you posted to the stream. You could make a special 15 second video clip promoting it.

4: use the DM’s to reach out to people. Search hashtags to find other podcasters, or someone starting one up. Asking them where you can listen to their podcast, and share your podcast links. But actually make sure you listen to their podcast. Don’t be a scammer and just say that you will. This is also a great way to start networking with other podcasters that you could potentially interview, which will help you create more content. They will share it which will get you a larger audience, and you share it to help them get a larger audience…win win win.

I have a special guest that I’m going to bring into the podcast really quickly to give you some insight into how she promotes her podcast. She built on one podcast show that was very successful, and then started another one as the direction of her content began to evolve, and this podcast has been very successful. Stacy A. Cross of The Comfort Killers!

Stacy A. Cross’ Tips to promoting your podcast

  1. Create articles around your podcast.

  2. Automate posts to Tweet, use Buffer with short link using hashtags

  3. Turn your podcasts into video, upload it on youtube, Instagram. Call to action at the end of the short clip

  4. Promote with RSS feeds (The Advanced Version) to promote to email

  5. campaign, InfusionSoft, Mail Chimp ect… Set up automation to send new podcast entry automatically.

  6. Add RSS feed and post to every podcast site. EVERYWHERE!

  7. DM, Message, Text people. “I thought about you! Check this episode out!” – Jump on Reddit and get on threads Engage, Help, Serve. You’re not there to Spam, you’re there to help!

  8. Quora – People ask questions, maybe your podcast has the answers?

  9. TWITCH TV: A lot of people are on there! to listen to the Stacy A. Cross Show!

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