Handling Rejection & Objections

Rejection: To refuse to accept, consider, submit to, take for some purpose, or use

No one likes Rejection, but it’s just a part of life. You may withdraw from something that you really want, or something you really want to do or accomplish, due to the fear of rejection. How you handle rejection is key. It doesn’t matter if it’s finding the dream job, getting the best price on a new vehicle, getting someone to accept your opinion or views, there’s a chance you’ll be rejected. When you pitch a product to a customer and they say “No,” “Not interested,” “I have that product with another company,” or anything else, you’re going to feel rejected. That fear of rejection can and will hold you back from getting what you want in your life, and your career. That is why it’s important to properly handle rejection.

So there are two ways you can handle rejection.

You can sit back, withdraw, feel sorry for yourself, label it as rejection, and walk away disappointed

OR You can dig in, step up, take responsibility, and figure out what you can do differently next time

Objection: A reason or argument presented in opposition; a feeling or expression of disapproval

You have to be able to handle customer objections in order to close the sale. A lot of times what you may think is an “objection” is really not a true objection. It’s what is called an RDR (Reactionary Defense Response). The customer puts up a guard to protect themselves automatically. They do not know us, or see us, don’t want to get “ripped off,” or be obligated to do something. You need to put the customer at ease, handle their question and issues of why they called in first, then present solutions or new products that could benefit them. People get cold calls every day, so they’re used to just declining offers. You have to handle the “objection” by giving benefits and features that will capture a customer’s attention, put them at ease, and clear up any doubts. First things first, YOU need to be sold on the product, and know why it’s a benefit to have such a product. This is the only way that you can present the product with enough confidence and conviction to get the customer to truly open up and listen to what you have to say.


Rejection is an inescapable part of life, take responsibility and handle it properly. Look for a solution, don’t focus on the rejection.

Handle every objection a customer, and realize that sometimes it not really an objection, just a reactionary defense response. When you start handling the “objections,” you’ll begin to discover what the real resistance is, and if it’s in fact a true objection. Put the customer at ease, and ask for the close.

  1. Stop fearing rejections and objections.

A great resource is Grant Cardone’s book Closers Survival Guide, and The Rebuttal Manual. These books will take you through any objection you can imagine, and show you what you need to say to close the deal.

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