Grant Cardone’s 20 Rules of Closing

Credit to Grant Cardone

  1. Always remain seated

  2. Always present your proposal in writing

  3. Always clearly communicate your proposal

  4. Always maintain eye contact

  5. Always have a pen available for signing

  6. Use humor to relieve pressure

  7. Always ask one more time!

  8. Always have an arsenal of closes available

  9. Always stay with the buyer

  10. Always treat the prospect like a buyer

  11. Always know you can come to an agreement

  12. Always maintain a positive demeanor

  13. Always smile no matter the outcome

  14. Always treat the buyer like they can

  15. Always acknowledge the buyer for any offer they make

  16. Always agree with the buyer

  17. Always look for a solution

  18. Care so much you refuse NOT to close

  19. Use the full arsenal of closes

  20. Always know you don’t provide a service until you close

  21. BONUS: Attach some pain to not closing.

Grant Cardone offers two incredible books, The Closer’s Survival Guide & The Rebuttal Manual.

The Closer’s Survival Guide is packed full of over 126 different closes that show you how to use them, and when to use them. Stall closes, product closes, price closes, term closes, money closes, and more. You will now be armed for ANY and EVERY objection a customer throws at you.

The Rebuttal Manual is designed specifically for handling the objection in order to then close on it. This shows you how to handle an objection anywhere in the sale cycle. Line by line it gives you the steps to reveal what the true objection is, how to overcome it, and then close the sale.

Cardone University

For those who are even more serious about their personal development in sales, business, finances, and success, CardoneU is the only training platform for you. The #1 training platform trusted by Fortune 500 companies such as Google, Twitter, Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook, Yahoo, Audible, Sprint, AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Penguin Random House, ADT, Infusion Soft, SalesForce, Kia, Honda, Lexus, Nissan, and many more.

Get Knowledge

  1. Get Grant Cardone’s Theory of Closing the Deal

  2. Rules of the Sales Process

  3. Learn the Differences Between Amateurs and Pros

  4. Get Over the Price Myth

  5. The Most Important Sale

  6. Understand the Mind of the Buyer

  7. Learn About Money

Get Skills

  1. Develop Your Own Pitch

  2. Get Grant’s Closing Strategies

  3. Learn to Negotiate

  4. 365-Day Follow-Up Strategy

  5. Master Cold-Calling

  6. Handle Objections like a Pro

  7. Tap Into the Power of Prediction

Get Success

  1. Increase Your Income

  2. Learn to Never Be Out of Work

  3. Increase the Number of Your Income Flows

  4. Fill up Your Pipeline With Quality Prospects

  5. Manage Money Like the Wealthy

  6. Learn the Traits of the Most Successful Salespeople

  7. Motivation from Grant to Stay on Course

Are you ready? Let’s Roll!

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