Give More

Give more

Give more than is expected of you. Give more information, give more customer service, give more enthusiasm, give more positivity, give more offers, give more solutions. Set yourself apart from the mediocre. Shoot for extraordinary! Go the extra mile! Do the things that challenge you! There’s not a shortage of success in the world, only a shortage of people willing to go after it

Delivering the experience

The only way you can deliver an exceptional experience, is by giving more than is expected. You want to over promise, then over deliver. Is your competition doing this? Or are they just delivering enough to get the deal made? What value add is that to the customer? If you can give more than is expected t the customer, then they will benefit and you will benefit.

This can be applied to any area of life, and should be. If you are helping someone, your church, an organization ect… give more than is expected. They will not only benefit from the value you are adding, but you will benefit from it as well. You are setting yourself apart, giving your 110%, and the giving will be reciprocated.

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