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Imagine you have an interview coming up for a new position, maybe it’s in a management role, or a new department, or new job. You have to prepare yourself for that opportunity. More than likely, you may not know 100% what to expect, unless you have interviewed for that opportunity before. So, you need to be prepared.

Much like presenting a presentation to a group of people, you have to prepare yourself in the same way. This means doing research, preparing documents, understanding fully what the opportunity entails, preparing a pitch, practice handling potential objections; you have to be able to sell yourself.

You are a business

You should look at yourself as a business. In a way you always are one. Even if you work for someone else. You are in control of your income, so start thinking and acting like it

How do you prepare?

First: Do your research to understand fully what the opportunity requires, then figure out what you’re going to do above that. How are you going to give more? What makes you different? Why you?

That’s a really great way to stand out. It’s not just you’re going to do A B C & D, which you’re paid for, but you’re also going to do E F G &H on top of that. Bringing something fresh, something that pushes the ceiling upward.

Resources are everywhere

Look online for lots of common questions that will come up during that interview, make sure you have an answer to them. You may not be able to prepare for all of them, because there may, and more likely will be, some questions that you just couldn’t prepare for.

Going in as prepared as possible will make you calm, confident, and since you’ve already been putting in the prep work, you’ll be able to think on your toes more quickly.

Now, go and get that opportunity!

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