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Will having more money solve your financial problem?

Let’s say you win the lottery, or hit it big on some stocks, come in to money from a relative, find a suitcase full of cash, or just whatever the circumstance is. You are now in the possession of A LOT of money. Does this solve you problems?

Of course we all would say “Of course it does!” Does it really? Right now you’re broke because you just spend money to get stuff. You have your house payments, car lease, bills, entertainment, hobbies ect.. that all your money is going to. What will happen when you come into this large sum of money all of a sudden?

You get $1million and buy that new house, that new card, those new clothes, go to a lot of fancy restaurants, and all of a sudden you’re broke. What happened? Your income increase temporarily and your expenses increased with it at the same rate. You didn’t know how to manage your money, and just kept handing it like you always have. So did more money solve your problem of being broke? Not at all. Spending at the same rate you earn equals same financial troubles.

So what can you do?

First things first, you need to get your head right about finances. You need to the Grant Cardone Playbook. Not only will this book show you how to make money, but it will show you how to keep it, and grow it.

Make It, Keep It, Grow It

Here a few key points you are going to learn in the Cardone Playbook

  1. How to Create a Financial Plan

  2. Why Budgets Keep You Poor

  3. The 40% Rule

  4. Biggest Mistakes in Finance

  5. Wealth Creation Formula

  6. Good Debt, Bad Debt

  7. Why Income is King

  8. 95/5 Rule

  9. How to Quit Worrying About Money

So where do you start? Here are the basics

  1. Start with increasing your current income

  2. Create a second form of income

  3. Make first and second form of income symbiotic

While this is going on, you need to be putting money back into some sacred account that you will invest later. “Save to invest” – Grant Cardone

If you do not have your head right when it comes to finances, you will not be able to properly make it, keep it, or grow it.

The Cardone Playbook is going to walk you through the same financial plans and disciplines that Grant Cardone uses daily. This is a millionaire secret, given to you. It’s a small investment with unlimited returns. If you did not know already, the investment you make in yourself is the greatest investment you can make.

Invest today in this Playbook, and start getting yourself on your way to financial freedom and success.

Go here for more information: CARDONE PLAYBOOK

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