First Step: Mindset

Can you teach someone the core elements that made you successful?

Have you ever thought about that?

I mentioned in my podcast, some of the core elements, I want to dive a little deeper into how this came about.

I wanted to write out what changes I had to make to get the success that I have.

I’m not super rich, or a CEO, or full time entrepreneur, but I have had success with running a freelance, and being promoted to management in the workspace. So I can only teach success, up to the point that I have achieved it.

What I have been able to accomplish, is some solid groundwork to build on.

Here’s the foundational pieces, Mindset, Self-Improvement, Giving Back, Success, Networking.

Let’s start with mindset today:

I work with a resource center; I do not work for a job. The change here is that you work WITH the company, not FOR the company. You’re on a mission. It’s referred to as a resource center, because this place you call a JOB, is actually a place of learning, growing, improving skills, and gaining new skills.

I take responsibility for my outcomes, which puts me in control of the situation. When you take responsibility for things in your life, you can then have control to make adjustments as necessary, to achieve your desired outcome

I make every day the best day of my life.  You have One life, so make the best of it. Positivity wins in the macro.

I know everything in life is sales, and everything I want is a commission. In order for you to get what it is that you want in life, you will have to convince others to make an exchange for what they want. It doesn’t have to be a product, or service, it can simply be opinions, views, ideas.

I see problems as opportunities. That’s what problems are. They’re opportunities. When you can solve a problem, it will cause you to stand out, and add more value.

Which leads me to, I will always give more, than what I get in return. Give more value build leverage. The thing with leverage, is that you have it, but never use it. You just keep giving more and more value.

Lastly on mindset. I do not make excuses.  You take responsibility, you take control of the situation, and you find solutions.

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