First let me tell you who I am right now…


I’m really not anybody who is more special than anyone else. I’m a single, middle class, 28 year old, white male who lives in America. I have debt, I work in a bank call center, and I want something more for my life. You could say that I’m just an “Average white guy.”

I’ve become more self aware of who I am, and where I want to be. My biggest challenge is the fact that I tend to overthink most things, and lack execution. Being self aware of this makes it easier to catch myself and simply just make a decision and go with it sometimes. Let’s add some emphasis to the sometimes. Sometimes.”

Some of you may be in a similar situation. Maybe not the single, middle class, 28yr old, white male in America part. But, probably more so the “I want something more for my life,” part.

If you know you could be doing more, you should be doing more.

Why I write – Blog your challenges to success

I’m really not that great of a writer. I am honestly terrible at grammar. So if you’re an English major and cringe when you read my stuff, I’m sorry. But you know what? I’m really appreciative of the fact that you took the time to read it. Seriously…Thank you!

I began writing blogs to help me solve problems. By writing it out I found it made it easier for me to begin breaking things down, and working them out. It helps me work through thoughts, ideas, to digest things I’m learning, or even things that intrigued me. If I hear something, read something, see something, that really gets me thinking, I will write about it as I’m learning it. At the same time I then share it to the world in hopes that maybe someone will benefit. Or someone even comment to add something beneficial for everyone.

What I hope to gain

I think right now the most important thing is that I’m just doing something. Gary Vaynerchuck talk’s a lot about how you just need to “DO.” Take action now! Grant Cardone has a quote that says “Take action, figure the rest out later.” With me being self aware of the fact that I tend to “over think” everything, and lack execution, this is a really good exercise for me ever time I write a blog. It forces me to just not think so much, and just put out what I’m thinking, work through it, and then take action on it.

What I hope to give

I hope to give value. Lots of it! Maybe my me working things out, I can solve a problem you’re facing. Or help give some direction. I want to challenge each person to try writing at least one blog when you’re working something out. You’ll see that it helps to mentally break things down, and when you post it, you become vulnerable. But you grow through that. By putting yourself out there, it becomes easier to express yourself, and your personal brand. After all, each of us are a brand. If you can embrace that and build that, you can begin to create the life YOU want for YOU.


The point here was to give a quick insight into where I am at, who I am, and show you my beginning on this crazy journey I’ll be sharing through blogs, images on instagram, and twitter.

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