Create Your Future

Start by figuring out where you want to be, and reverse engineer that by figuring out what you need to have that that future. How long are you willing to be patient to get it? How hard are you willing to work?If you want $1mil in 1 year, you’re going to have to make ~$84k a month. Can it be done? Yes. Are you set up to do that? That would be nice. You can set those massive goals, and do everything you can to reach it, but here is what I recommend.Increments. How do you expect to make $1mil if you’ve never made $100k? How do you expect to make $100k if you’ve never made $10k? If you can’t manage $10k, how do you expect to manage $1mil? Each increment has different lessons to learn. You learn different tax write offs for the bracket you’re in. You learn to manage the money differently depending on how much you have. You invest differently. You don’t invest $10k in real estate, like multi family housing, you can’t afford anything with that. $100k gives you a lot more to invest with. That initial $10k can be invested in you, to learn to grow sales, get you in front of more people, and just overall improvement.Grow in increments, and keep pushing the bar up. Build that foundation, learn to manage your money, learn where and how to invest it properly, and here is the last thing…Know your “WHY”. Start there. WHY are you doing what you’re doing? Why are you building that life? Without that WHY, you will fail. Without your WHY, you will not have the patience and drive to achieve your goal.

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