Create Content Daily

How to create content daily.

Figure out your mission. That’ll take so leg work if you don’t know it already. What’s the thing you stand for? What problem are you’re going to solve?

I teach people to create content daily. 


You need more exposure to get more customers. More customers mean more money. More money and financial discipline, means you become financially confident

I teach you the 5:1 method of content creation, so you can get more exposure, and more customers, and more money.

5:1 method:

  1. Long form video.

  2. Video audio converted to podcast.

  3. Long form video condensed to 1 minute video so social sites.

  4. Audio from video, transcribed to a blog.

  5. Quotes in the blog designed into quote posts for social media.

You will find though, a fair warning, it is time consuming. You can do it all your own. My question to you though, is how much is your time worth? You can’t make more time, but you can buy time. That’s where I come in. People pay me to help them create the content, because by me giving you time, and content, it allows you to focus on customer acquisition.

Figure out your message, the problem you’re solving, and create content using the 5:1 Method, to show you solving that problem.

Two tools to help build & sell your brand:

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