Can Do Attitude

The Can Do Attitude

No one cares what you “can’t do”, people only care what you “can do.” There is no shortage of “can’t do” people, but there’s only a handful of “can do” people.

The customer is not always right. In order to close the customer on your ideas, opinions, products, or services, you have to resolve conflict and disagreement. To do that, it just requires one person to agree. Disagreement requires both sides.

If you start the interaction off with a can’t do attitude, with disagreement, you’ll never get them closed on the solution.

Be solutions oriented, find a way, figure it out, look for a solution.

Your customer comes to you with a problem, and what are problems? Problems are opportunities. Opportunities to find solutions with products and services, and get them into those solutions.

Acknowledge, Agree, Offer a Solution.

Phrases to use when acknowledging a customer:

“I hear you”

“I understand”

“Thank you”

“I appreciate that”

“I got it”

“I’m with you”

“I agree with your thinking”

“I agree with you, and I used to to think the same way”

Phrases of Agreement:

“You’re right”

“I’m with you”

“I’ll work it out”

“I understand”

“I’ll make it happen”

Positive Communication:


“No Problem”

“Be happy to”

“I agree”

“You’re right”

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