Biggest Obstacle

Hard lessons, but necessary lessons to learn

  1. Life isn’t fair

  2. You’re not owed, or entitled to anything

  3. You have to be willing to do things you don’t want to do

  4. Despite all the trouble of the economy, life, competition, you are your biggest obstacle

You have to get over the mentality of “I don’t like this,” “I can’t do this,” “I’m no good,” or anything else negative. You have to have a “Can Do” attitude. The only reason you would hate something like singing, dancing, working out, reading, Sales, or anything else, is because there’s something about it that you don’t know.

YOU are your biggest obstacle. No one else is keeping you from doing what you want in life. You cannot blame anyone else, and you cannot feel owed or entitled.

Be Obsessed or Be Average can help you get the attitude you need to reach your potential. Go here for more detail: BOBA

Be great!

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