Believe In What You’re Selling

I don’t do design, and content creation work for everyone. I have to believe in your product, and your message before I will agree to work with you.

When I started studying graphic design back in 2007, I made a decision I was never going to use design and marketing to promote products that I didn’t believe in. I saw the power behind design, the influence it can have, and the outcome it could cause.

Think about how many lives tobacco companies have affected, or even war propaganda.

Marketing, and design, is a powerful tool.

Now, not taking every prospect out there is the opposite of what some would tell you. Some may tell you to take every opportunity to start making some money and building a power base. I may lose in the short term by taking the opposite approach, but it’s a choice I have made.

I will not lower my morals, or standards, for a quick buck. I challenge you to do the same.

Never sell a product you don’t believe in. If you do not believe it is of the highest quality, and can positively affect someone’s life, don’t sell it. Find something that you believe in. If you wouldn’t sell it your own mother, then why would you sell it to someone else’s?

Stay true to your beliefs and morals. Yes. You may leave some money on the table now, but it will give 10 fold in the future.

Patience & Hustle. That’s the name of the game
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