Bathophobia, and new things

Bathophobia? Fear of…baths?

Almost…”Sufferers from bathophobia experience anxiety even though they realize they are safe from falling into or being consumed by depths. The feared object may be a long, dark hallway, a well or a deep pool or lake. “Bathophobia” is derived from the Greek “bathos” (depth) and “phobos” (fear).”

It is truly the fear of the unknown. Not knowing what lays beneath the water, down the hallway, the deep end of the pool. What’s down there? A monster? Nothing? Will I fall forever and not be able to breathe? Will I lose control?

When I was a young kid, we went caving with several people, and this cave, called “The Devils Den,” at its mouth has a large step down before you enter the cave. It’s pitch black so you cannot see the floor of the cave. I remember wanting to go through the cave with everyone, but I was just so afraid of taking that step. I couldn’t see the floor, and I couldn’t feel the floor, because I was so small at that time. I remember feeling I would just fall into a deep cavern, and not be able to get up or something.

I recall going back some years later, and much older, going through the cave with no problems. Until it came to this very narrow spot toward the end, where you have to squeeze through on your tippy toes, cannot turn your head, and then some part where you have to crawl under rock and climb your way out into another cave. I opted out of that…


We tend to fear the unknown. You make up an excuse to not call that client, or that girl or guy, or to go up to that person, or ask for that promotion, or to put your idea out there. You fear the unknown of what could happen. But why?

It’s a lack of action that increases fear. You not taking action, and just thinking more about the situation only makes it worse. It happens every time. Adding more time or thought to a decision, never makes it better. Just jump off the deep end and accept what comes to you. Was it the wrong decision? Maybe.

Fail early, and fail quickly. The quicker and earlier you fail, the quicker you can make adjustments. This takes immediate action though. You too often need to test, or plan, or map out, yet you take no risk of just doing. It’s okay if it’s not perfect, just put it out there and fix the mistakes as after.

…and new things

New things, unfamiliar things, uncomfortable things, strike fear into people. Going to places you’ve never been before. To places you do not know anyone, and do not know the exists in the building. That is one of my fears that I work to conquer. I hate the feeling of being invited to something where I may only know one person, but it’s in those situations that I grow the most. You get put into uncomfortable situations, having to be forced to face it or stay hidden under a rock.

It is ultimately your choice, I choose to just face the fear. They say, “Nothing grows in the comfort zone.” I believe it. I made it my personal mission to take chances on myself, and try the things that scare me. When I feel that adrenaline rush in the pit of my stomach, the shake in my hands, my brain racing telling me to flee, I rush towards that fear. When you learn to fight that fear, you will find it so rewarding.

Take action

The end.

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