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A few days ago, I’m checking my twitter messages and I get a message from someone claiming to be a representative of Samsung, asking why I didn’t claim my prize.  

I decided to play along, knowing full well what was to come. Working for a financial institution I hear and deal with horror stories of people who have called into such scams.  

I hope you enjoy the following.

I at first try to call this persons bluff jokingly, but what followed was just too good of an opportunity to pass up.  

Okay, so as you see above I am the one that is supposed to be “honest” because they hate “anything call scam or games.” He doesn’t even use proper grammarsings (insert sarcasm font on grammarsings).  

Go ahead and look up where that address and phone go to.  

Yes, that is my idea. I promise… 

Oh no!!! He reported my profile?!?! Please no!!! I’m so serious I want that $800,000!!!  

He even calls me out about the photo ID I sent. He tries to add fear and urgency to the scam, I mean…  

I saw that coming. The old “We will send you a cashier check, but you have to pay for the shipping first” routine. I knew he was going to ask for that when this all started haha.  

Notice I mention $900,000 I’m the comment, but he doesn’t correct me? I pull out some cards under my sleeve with notaries and attournies.  

I’m raising the stakes now to $1,000,000 and tried to see if he would call the number to try and get my bank account information over the phone. He is a little smart and didn’t take the bait.  

I got a little bored with him, so I shut it down. It was quite enjoyable while it lasted.  

Sadly a a lot of people fall for these kind of scams. Stay honest to the way you make money, and you will have a more fulfilling life.  

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