2017 Revolution From Your Old Ways

The new year always brings a bit of enlightenment for everybody. A self reflection on the past year, which results in big aspirations to achieve something in the new year. Sadly though, these new goals get snuffed out either by lack of focus/direction, other things come up and distract you, realization of how hard the goals are to achieve, or maybe even just becoming lazy.

The new year means a lot to a lot of people. It’s a time they feel they can “start over.” They feel they can get it all back together in the new year. Like something magical just happens when the new year comes around. Yet, the majority fail to go even two full months into the new year before giving up on their goals.

Coming out of holiday break

I hope everyone had a great holiday break! I know a lot of you are tired and wish the break was longer (if you were able to take a break), but to our great fortune, we are back! That means more opportunities to work toward your goals. I’m not talking about just those goals that are set for you at work, but your personal goals. What are your personal goals?

With the new year arriving upon us shortly, we all typically make a new year’s resolution. Typically these resolutions are something like, “I’m going to start going to the gym,” “I’m going to eat healthier,” “I’m going to travel more,” “I’m going to make a million dollars,” etc..

You know what happens to a majority of those resolutions? You get really excited about them at first, you work toward them with all your energy and hustle for about a month or two, then you realize how hard it is to reach some goals. You were expecting instant results weren’t you? Maybe you just couldn’t stay focused and got lazy. Possibly somebody talked you out of going for those goals. Simply, you gave up, fell back to your usual ways, for a whole year, only to make the same resolutions next year and repeat the same cycle.

Set your goals

It’s time to break that cycle. Set your goals, even if they are ridiculously out of reach! Think of what goals you want to reach, and write them down. Do not second guess them, do not lower them. Very important DO NOT LOWER YOUR TARGET GOALS! Do not listen to people who tell you it’s ridiculous to go after these goals. The only reason they are telling you to quit following your dreams and goals, is because they have quit and are trying to make sense of it. Don’t listen to quitters.

Surround yourself and get connected to like-minded individuals

Get around those who are more successful than you are, learn from them, soak in as much knowledge as you can.

Find a mentor, someone who you cannot easily outgrow. This does not have to be someone you actually meet in person. I consider Grant Cardone my mentor. I’ve never actually met him in person, I’ve communicated with him though. I was able to get through the noise on the internet and got connected through various social media platforms. Grant Cardone is a sales trainer, keynote speaker, investor, has the #1 sales training platform in the world, has written multiple books, hosted several seminars, and the list goes on.

Other highly notable people I follow and suggest listening to are Robert Kiyosaki, Gary Vaynerchuck, Steve Harvey (I’m sure you all know him, he’s a really smart businessman and has a lot of great influential material), just to name a couple.

Invest in yourself

Read books that have helpful information, guidance, motivation, and can educate you. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Harry Potter books, but I’m trying to read books that are going to help my future. Books like Rich Dad Poor Day by Robert Kiyosaki is an amazing book, you have to read it. Even if you hate reading and only read one book in 2017, make it that book. Trust me, you’ll thank me later.

Any book by Grant Cardone. The 10X Rule and Be Obsessed or Be average are my two favorites by him.

Join seminars/webinars/conferences to expand your knowledge in finance, business, or just to get motivated to do something.

Books are great investments because the authors have condensed probably 20 years’ worth of failures and successes into 200 pages that you could read in one day. So instead of you burning 20 years to figure out what works and what doesn’t, you can spend $15, 1 day of reading, and get a million dollars’ worth of knowledge. That’s a huge ROI (return on investment).

Invest in yourself today, so you can conquer tomorrow.

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