10X Growth Con – Tim Grover – Takeaways Part 1

Who is Tim Grover?

Tim Grover is the CEO of Attack Athletics, and has trained some of the top athletes in the world. Such as Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley, Kobe Bryant and Dwyane Wade any many more. He has also written a best selling book called Relentless.

My Notes

“To be ‘great’, you have to be good at something. To be ‘Unstoppable’, you have to be ‘great’.”

In his book Relentless, he talks about three different types of people. You have Coolers, Closers, and Cleaners.


  1. Cooler – Someone who is “good”

  2. Closer – Someone who is “great”

  3. Cleaner – Someone who is “Unstoppable”

Coolers do not want to carry the team, they love to just celebrate the success.

Closers want credit for getting the job done, and crave being celebrated.

Cleaners do not want congrats for their success, they just want to keep going.

Another way to put it is like this:

  1. Coolers read the story.

  2. Closers tell the story.

  3. Cleaners change the story.

The thing is, you cannot call yourself a “cleaner.” You are not a “cleaner” if you call yourself one, because that is not what cleaners do.

Coolers have a great day. Closers have a great month. Cleaners have a great year, over & over & over & over ….. Anyone can do something one time, but few can do it consistently over and over again.

“Nobody is going to give you a raise for just showing up. That is what’s expected.”
“It’s not the skill set that holds you back, it’s your mindset”
“Everybody has “IT”, I have “IT.” “IT” has an expiration date.”
“Passion and drive mean nothing without action behind it.”
“Nothing is going to change unless you change your mindset.”
Time is not on everyone side, it’s about TODAY. “Either you’re getting better or you’re getting worse.”

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