10X Growth Con – Tim Grover – Part 2

If you have not read PART 1, read it here.


  1. Cooler – Someone who is “good”

  2. Closer – Someone who is “great”

  3. Cleaner – Someone who is “Unstoppable”

Coolers do not want to carry the team, they love to just celebrate the success. Closers want credit for getting the job done, and crave being celebrated. Cleaners do not want congrats for their success, they just want to keep going.

Another way to put it is like this:

  1. Coolers read the story.

  2. Closers tell the story.

  3. Cleaners change the story.

The Relentless 13

Everyone one of these are listed as #1, because they are each important.

“Everything is plan ‘A'”

#1 You must go harder when everyone’s had enough

  1. Trade 1 addiction for another

  2. Trade failure for success

  3. Trade normal for “crazy”

  4. It’s not about a popularity contest

#1 You go into the zone & control the uncontrollable

  1. Do it for yourself. You’re not putting in the hard work for anyone else.

  2. When you win, everybody wins

  3. You control the situation

#1 You know exactly who you are

  1. Society tells you who you are (problem)

  2. Society kills your instincts

  3. Relentless gives you permission to stay who you are

  4. Stop worrying about what others think

#1 You have a dark side that refuses to be taught to be good

  1. You spend so much time trying to suppress it, instead of using it, and learning to control it

  2. “They don’t go to work, they become the work.”

  3. Being the most ultimate competition to get what you want, over and over

  4. We all have a darkside

  5. It’s your ego, secrets, desires, things you don’t want anybody to know about you

  6. You can either use it, control, take you places you’ve never been before

  7. If you don’t learn to control it , it will destroy you. That’s why so many people are afraid to tap into it.

#1 You’re not intimidated by pressure, you thrive on it

  1. If you’re ever put into a pressure situation, its a privilege. Means someone trusts you.

  2. Pressure creates individuals

  3. In order to thrive, your knowledge of your product, your confidence in yourself, you ability to adjust, to have that mindset, it has to be superior.

  4. Not everyone gets to have that chance of being under pressure

#1 When everyone hits the “in case of emergency” button, they’re all looking at you

  1. Control the “chip on your shoulder” inside of you, where no one else can touch it but yourself.

  2. Don’t let anyone get control of it.

  3. Don’t give someone the ability to push your buttons

  4. if you give someone the ability to push your buttons, you have given them 100% ability to control how you act, how you speak, what you’re going to do. Never give up that situation

  5. A great leader does not push an employees buttons. They empower the individual, and pull the button, so that when they need to push the buttons, they push it for themselves.

#1 You don’t compete with everyone, you find your opponents weakness and attach

  1. Everyone has a weakness, disability

  2. Few know how to win

  3. Find your opponents weakness, attack it

  4. “Either you’re getting attacked, or attacking”

#1 You make decisions not suggestions

  1. People don’t make decisions, because you have to answer the hard questions.

  2. It takes years and years of education, research, understanding, training, trial & error, to get to the “don’t think” stage

  3. You don’t trust your instincts, your instincts trust you

#1 You don’t have to love work, but you crave the end result

  1. You wont love 100% of everything you have to do

  2. Don’t think about past success, you have to move on, keep going

  3. “If you have the skill set, you have to develop the mindset”

#1 You’d rather be feared than liked

  1. We spend too much time trying to be liked

  2. Talking about being “Feared” as a competitor

  3. Everyone talks about sacrifice. There’s a difference from what you’re willing to sacrifice, and what you’re going to sacrifice.

  4. If you have the skill set & the mindset, you will be feared as a competitor

#1 You trust very few people, and they better not let you down

  1. It’s usually the little things, that allow people to let you down

  2. The more successful you become, the fewer people you trust, because they have their agendas

  3. When you hand individuals opportunities, or work, they better not let you down, because they’re not going to get that opportunity again

#1 You don’t recognize failure; you know there’s more than one way to get what you want

  1. Everyone has limitation, but if you surround yourself with the right team, who are able to see those failure coming , and allow you to make adjustments, not everything is going to work.

  2. You make failures, you make adjustments

  3. You don’t recognize failure, you have to keep moving

#1 You don’t celebrate your achievements, you always want more

  1. You’re never finished, just say “Next”

  2. Sit back and enjoy it for a moment. There’s a huge difference between enjoying it, and celebrating it.

“Don’t reinvent yourself, re-invest in yourself.”

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