10X Growth Con – Les Brown – Takeaways

“There is greatness in you”

Les Brown is a motivational speaker and author. To learn more about Les Brown and his business, visit his website here: https://lesbrown.com/


Les was born in an abandoned building with a twin brother. Les’s mother died, and he was adopted. In this house, he was 1 of 7 children. His adopted mother cleaned homes for wealthy families, and cooked their meals. Les explains that these were very kind and generous people, that told her to take home any food that was left over to help feed her 7 adopted children. He would say to his mother his dream was, “mama, one day when I become a man, I’m going to be able to buy groceries for us. We won’t have to wait until someone eats so we would be able to eat.” They wore hand me down clothes from the children, he would say “when I become a man, I’m going to be able to buy new clothes for us. Brand new, that no body else has worn.” He was looking for way to change his mother’s life.

As a child in 5th grade, the school selected kids who were slow learners. Saying that they were educable mentally retarded, and was sent back to the 4th grade.

The Quotes

“People worry about what’s happening in the white house, you should worrying about what’s happening in your own house.”

“Someone’s opinion of you does not have to become your reality”

“There’s no success without successors.”

“You’ve got to be unstoppable”

“You’ve got to stay hungry”

“Your voice can make a difference”

“You can change your life”

“It’s not where you start, it’s where you’re going”

“Telling your story increases credibility”

“Transform your mindset, Expand your skill set”

“Angry is the wind that blows out the lamp of the mind”

“OQP – Only Quality People. If you want success, be around quality people.”

“Provide more service than you get paid for.”

“Give before you ask.”

People that are hungry: “Do what they know, not what they feel” “Want to be on top, because the bottom is too crowded.” “No excuse is acceptable.”

“There’s power in association”

My Takeaways

There is a greatness in each of us. We have to be bold enough to tap into it. Hungry enough to go after. We have something great that can change the world. We have the ability to use our strengths to help people, and create the life that we want.

Inner Greatness

Some people never tap into it, some resist it, some reject it, some ignore it, and then there are those that acknowledge it every once in a while. Some embrace it and become greatness. I know that “Become greatness” is not really proper English. The definition of greatness is “the quality of being great.” What I mean by “Become Greatness” is to “Become the Quality of being Great.” If you begin to acknowledge that you have greatness in you, become it. A great quote from Les is “Your voice can make a difference.” Ultimately isn’t that we want to do? A long the way of making our lives better, we want to help make a difference in others?

What’s holding you back from becoming greatness?

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