10X Growth Con – Jarrod Glandt – Takeaways

Be in the right vehicle

Below are the notes I took from Jarrods presentation at the conference

Look for the right vehicle. Look for a driver, a company that has the fuel and a clear vision of the destination. Look for someone you can get behind.

A little background: Grant Cardone mostly did seminars before the 2008 crash. After the crash people stopped attending the seminars, and his business was in jeopardy. He then wrote a book about the state of the economy and how to sell in it, and sold this book door to door which got him in front of a lot of businesses. The book was called Sell or Be Sold (great book by the way.) This book lead into the creation of his online platform, Cardone University.

Principles within Cardone Company

1. Action over planning (make the decision, figure it out later)

a. Have clarity of where you want to get to – take action.

b. Too many times people dwell on the details, and never actually take action.

c. Have to live with the consequences of Taking Actions vs Not Taking Action

2. Targets- Everything has a target

a. Insist, push, expect to hit targets – NEVER LOWER TARGETS

i. Increase responsibility to hit targets

ii. Be nimble to make adjustments when necessary

b. Lead from the front. Be aligned with purpose (Grant often goes in on the sales floor and starts selling as well, or assists reps in closing deals. He is very active with his sales team)

c. Be ruthless with targets, but have fun hitting them.

i. Rewards & penalties

3. Assume responsibility

a. You can’t control the things you refuse to accept responsibility for

b. There’s a culture there of when something goes wrong, everyone wants to jump in and take responsibility “I take full and total responsibility for that” and then find solution

i. That’s a good problem to have

Other ONLY practices:

· 2 ring rule

· Never rely on one of anything

· Commit first, figure it out later (don’t get caught up in details)

· Incentivize EVERY role to create a sales culture

· Ask for the business. “Have you heard enough to make a decision?”

· Daily meetings to share success

· Daily Training (requirement)

Now My Takeaway

Being in the right vehicle is extremely important. Is where you’re at, going where you want to be?

Let’s break it down. You go to work, you clock in, you sit in at your job, you do your tasks, you clock out, you go home. You’re disengaged, you’re unhappy, you hate it. This might be a little extreme, but for a lot of you this is explains exactly where you’re at right now. You feel you have the ability to do more. You feel inside you were meant for more. You just don’t see the opportunity though where you’re at.

What’s the right vehicle?

The right vehicle will be different for everyone. It should though have some very similar qualities.

It should have great leadership, clear vision, the culture, the best products, great support team, fuel to go places, and most importantly, Opportunity. Opportunities are more important than money.

It’s important to figure out what you want, and you’re passionate about in order to start building out what the right vehicle is for you. Grant Cardone is not the only vehicle, there are lot’s of great companies out there you could work for that will have exactly what you want, to get you where you want to go.

This is one thing I am currently working on with myself. Figuring out what I want, where I want to go.

There is one thing I know for sure though,

Always put forth 110%

No matter the circumstance, you’re never going to better yourself if you do less than 110% effort. Regardless if you’re in the right vehicle or not. If you’re not willing to eat dirt where you are now, why would you put forth any effort anywhere else?

That doesn’t mean you stay stuck. That means you continue to put forth the effort, do the best job you can because that who you are. You create opportunity. You make the company wish they never lost you, because you were the best. But do not stay stuck. If you were meant for more, then do more. Take risks. Go.

Gary Vaynerchuck talks a lot about patience, and putting in the work. I think this is very appropriate. Maybe you’re building your own brand or company, but you cannot go all in on it right now. That’s fine. It takes time. Love the journey. Make sure you are doing the best you can where you are currently at. Use that opportunity to help fund your brand, and business on the side. Or maybe you don’t want your own company, so you’re looking for a company that has the culture and opportunities that you know you will flourish in.

Use your current situation as a means to continue learning hands on. Learn new skills, build report, and keep eating dirt. As soon as you find that company, that right vehicle, go for it. Nothing is going to hold you back more, than YOU holding you back.

So ask yourself, does where you are have the opportunities, the fuel, the great culture, the amazing products, and great leadership? Is it the right vehicle? Or is it just a vehicle you’re in right now? Challenging question, I know.

If you feel “stuck,” I hope this helps in some way.

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